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Warehouse in Riga, Latvia

Bonded warehouse

The bonded warehouse under our management is located in Riga. A total area of indoor warehouse is 10 000 m2.  Indoor temperature is maintained from +2 to +20 °C . The infrastructure of the warehouse territory provides convenient access for LKW and railway freight transport. We have all the necessary resources and equipment for transloading of different types of loads.

When applicable, our customs brokers proceed with execution of customs declarations and documents, and provide other services related to customs authorities and arrangement of permits.

Quality control  

All goods are photographed and reweighted in order to monitor any possible damages of packing. The photo shots are then immediately sent to the client for further actions.


24-hour physical security is performed, as well as the access control, security alarm and fire alarm systems are available

Availability of floor scales for large cargoes